Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are an essential part of the Walk the Walk team and without them the MoonWalks simply would not happen. Each year 3,000 Volunteers give their time to support us!

Volunteering with Walk the Walk is a truly unique experience that is fun, you will make friends and help us raise millions of pounds for vital breast cancer causes. In case that isn't enough, we have some more great reasons to get involved below, or have a read of our Good Reasons to Volunteer blog!

  • Looking for Work?
    A really great thing about volunteering is that it adds something different and special to your CV.

  • University graduates.
    Ideal for students that have just finished education before embarking on paid employment.

  • Is your career changing course?
    If you're taking a career break or changing path, we can help you reach your goal! 

  • Retiring?
    A fantastic opportunity to keep busy and engaged while enjoying retirement.

  • Meet new friends & build confidence.
    Our events have a fantastic atmosphere, will help you build confidence and feel good while making a big difference for such a worthwhile cause.

  • A real sense of achievement.
    We can provide you with an opportunity to apply existing skills to different environments and have a taste of the Charity and Events industry.



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