Marathon Training Tips

Looking for tips on training, training plans, why you should Power Walk and information about how to buy the best pair of shoes for you?

Starting out

You may already be quite fit and taking part in different sports, or this may be the very first time you have been motivated to get fit. Whatever your starting point, you must walk.

Because of the muscles you will be using, no other form of exercise replaces walking! Don’t be fooled. You may go to the gym each week and have good stamina but your walking muscle strength may not be strong. On the other hand, maybe you have never taken part in any fitness programme but you walk to work each day. You could already have good walking fitness and strength without even knowing it.

How walking fit are you?

Before setting out on your training programme it is a good idea to find your starting point in terms of fitness and ability and use that as your control. By walking too fast too soon, you can cause injury and strains. By walking too slowly you will not increase your fitness and, either way, you can easily lose your motivation before you even get started. By setting the correct pace for your fitness level you are taking the first successful step towards achieving your goal, whether that is to take part in a MoonWalk marathon, 10k or to complete the Inca Trail. You will also be getting the best from your body and consequently achieving the results you are aiming for whilst having fun.

Be kind to your feet

The beauty of Power Walking is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. Whilst you may want to consider investing in a good pedometer, and an all-weather jacket, the only essential piece of equipment that you will need is a good pair of walk specific shoes!

I want to prepare my feet for pounding the pavements... where do I start?

Your feet are going to need some tender, loving care so it really is worth spending some time on buying the right shoe. Injuries can be prevented by wearing a well fitting shoe that is comfortable and it is so much more fun walking without sore feet!

Is there a special shoe I should buy?

Please take a look here

Where should I buy my shoes from?

To buy your shoes we recommend going to a specialist sports shop where they will spend time with you to make sure that you get the shoes that are the best for you.

Take a look at Nina's Book

This is a book about discovering how to Power Walk and the astounding number of benefits that come with it. It is not only learning how our bodies work, but also realising that our attitudes and beliefs, what we eat and drink and even how we breathe all create who we are. You will find out how small and simple changes can ultimately have a huge impact on your health, fitness, and quality of life. It was written by Walk the Walk's founder Nina Barough. 

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