Men Get Breast Cancer Too

When Walk the Walk launched the Men Get Breast Cancer Too! campaign in 2017, the aim was to support 6 men who had become frustrated that their voices were not being heard. Now, five years later there are 24 men all uniting with one voice...

Yes... Men Get Breast Cancer Too!

With more awareness lives could be saved... and if we can save even one life by our campaign, it will make it worthwhile!

24 amazing men who have had breast cancer

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The Facts...

  • There is currently very little research, and no routine screening specifically for men, so most male breast cancers are found by self-checking their chest, or just noticing changes.
  • Male breast cancer affects between 370 – 400 men a year in the UK, however over 80 men a year die from breast cancer due to not knowing men can get this type of cancer, and not doing regular checks.
  • Breast cancer usually affects men aged 50 and over, but it can be found in men of any age. 

Download your 'check your chest' poster!

Print a poster and display in your local gym, pub, or anywhere else you think it will make a difference... help us spread the word!

Find out more on common signs and how to check your chest here.

UK Monthly Virtual Meet-Up – The Men’s VMU

The Men’s VMU is a fantastic opportunity for men who have had breast cancer to “meet” and talk about things that are important and unique to them. This resource is peer-led, run by and for men affected by breast cancer - for further information email or Tweet @TheMensVMU

The next Virtual Meet-up will be on Thursday 27th June 2024 at 7.00pm (19:00) UK time.

What a wonderful thing to do! Cancer charities are getting together to help raise awareness for Men Get Breast Cancer Too! Read about the support and advice they can provide here…

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Walk the Walk's six original men
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