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What is Gift Aid?

When you make a donation to a registered charity, Her Majesty’s Custom and Excise department (the tax office) will refund the tax you have paid, so you can increase your donation by 25%.


Donation: £10.00

Tax refund equals: £ 2.50

Total value of donation: £12.50

This extra money can buy a lot of scalp coolers to help prevent hair loss during chemotherapy and, in 2016, Walk the Walk was refunded over £1 million by the Tax Office.

How to Gift Aid your donation or sponsorship

Whether you are sponsoring a Walker online or filling in a traditional sponsorship form, you can Gift Aid your donation if you are a tax payer in the UK.

Simply tick the Box! That’s right, on the sponsor form, tick the box to agree to Gift Aid your donation and record your home address to prove that you live in the UK. Office or workplace addresses are not valid as you don’t live there. It’s important to include your postcode as addresses without postcodes are invalid.

Will Walk the Walk contact me if I Gift Aid my Donation?

If your donation is made on a sponsorship form the answer is No.

Walk the Walk only asks for your address because the Tax Office says we must prove you live in the UK. 

If you are sponsoring a Walker online you will not be contacted by us unless you tick a box requesting that you would like to receive occasional information from us.

Walk the Walk will not contact you asking for further donations.

I am a relative can I Gift Aid my donation?


However, if a sponsor is connected to the participant, their donations only qualify for Gift Aid if the participant pays the full cost of the trip, so that all the sponsorship money raised goes to the charity. You can read all about it here, the specific part relating to marathons is here

When you can’t Gift Aid

If you do not pay tax in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you cannot Gift Aid your donation. Gift Aid is a refund of tax paid in these countries only.

The money you raise from events or collections can’t be Gift Aided as you haven’t given the money personally.

I didn't select Gift Aid when I made my donation and should have

No problem, try here

Quick Facts

  • Gift Aid costs you nothing
  • Gift Aid costs Walk the Walk nothing
  • Gift Aid won’t affect your Tax Code
  • You must be a UK tax payer to take part.
  • Walk the Walk will never contact you to ask you for more money
  • Gift Aid can help thousands of people living with cancer

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Why not download and print this page and give it to your sponsors with your sponsorship form.

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