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The Arctic Challenge

The Arctic Challenge 2020

28th February - 4th March 2020 |
Location: Subarctic

Distance: Marathon (26.2 miles)

Grading: 5 ?

Registration opening: Entries open!

Registration fee: £420 deposit  > Find out more

Minimum sponsorship: £750

Discover the subarctic in 2020!

A backcountry skiing adventure like no other! Discover the breathtaking and unspoilt snow covered landscape in the subarctic circle of Swedish Lapland, the centre of the Aurora zone and home to stunning wildlife. In 2020 you could experience the excitement of seeing the Northern Lights, combined with sleeping in cosy mountain huts and the thrill of husky sledging!

Challenge costs remain the same as in 2019!

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Amazing, awesome and very humbling. Loved meeting every one and how we all had a life story to share!- Joy

A unique adventure!

This is the Challenge of a lifetime, created by Walk the Walk for our Walkers! Backcountry ski a full marathon over 2 days on trails in Abisko National Park following the Kings Trail. The route, distance and in this time, is quite a challenge... not to mention the variable weather! 

You will be sleeping in mountain huts, helping to chop firewood, collecting water from ice covered rivers... with the opportunity to relax in traditional saunas... and with no electricity, you will enjoy cosy candlelit mountain hut dinners.
The fun continues, as after the Marathon we head to the glamorous ICEHOTEL, the most unique hotel in the world, where you will spend two nights, one sleeping on ICE beds. This amazing building is rebuilt every year from the ice of the Abisko region...

Make 2020 your year to join The Arctic Challenge! 




Is this challenge for me?

Firstly, you do not need to be able to ski to take on this Challenge! Prior to departure, you will need to attain a level 4 certificate by learning to ski on a dry slope: this includes snow ploughing, stopping, walking up slopes and skiing down them - it is very achievable.

A 16-week Training Plan is provided to you, there is a high commitment to Training needed, but we will be you every step of the way and help you reach your goal with lots of tips on how to get the most from your body! Training involves lots of walking and upper body strengthening, for more information take a look here


Without doubt, this is just the ultimate WTW challenge. Yes, it's challenging but it's utterly amazing!- Liz

What are you waiting for?

If you need tempting further... read Sheena's blog all about her Arctic adventure in 2018!

The backcountry skiing was fun but hard work... the end was in sight and what a lovely sight it was... the finish line... and because of the remoteness we could hear them from a great distance cheering us on until the end! 


Training for the Arctic Challenge

Find out more about training and getting ready for the Arctic Challenge...