What is the difference between our THREE Camino Trail Challenges

Join us for one of our THREE Camino adventures! Travelling the Ancient Camino paths isn’t just a journey; it's a chance to make a difference to lives.

Are you looking for an EPIC challenge to take on later this year, but not sure which Camino trail to choose?

Let us help you decide... come with us and turn your miles into meaningful steps as you make changes for those living with breast and other cancers!

Three breath taking Camino trails, each offering a unique and one-of-a-kind experience.

They are very different challenges, here’s how…

The Camino Journey to the Edge of the World | 75 miles in 3 days!

This Camino trail takes you from Santiago to Finisterre, in Northern Spain.

This is the hardest of all 3 Caminos, due to the mileage you cover each day and the ever-changing terrain, which includes hills. It is a true test of endurance and a personal journey of mental and physical achievement.

We call it the Journey to the Edge of the World as back in time people reached the edge and literally could see nothing but the sea, so for years it was thought it was the end of the world. All we know is it’s an incredible place to reach and is simply stunning!

This less travelled path from Santiago to Finisterre is a magical adventure to experience... rich history, energy and mysticism, astounding peace and spectacular sunsets all make this a special pilgrimage trail like no other.


Walk & Cycle The Camino Portugués Trail | 173 mile adventure!

The Camino Portuguès is brand NEW for 2024 and for the first time Walk the Walk have introduced cycling as well as walking.

This is an exciting one for us as we cycle and walk through 2 countries, starting in Porto, Portugal, we cycle for 3 days and then walk for 3 days and finish at the famous Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain!   

We will cover a total of 173 miles, cycling 108 of them and walking 63 miles through the most stunning rugged Atlantic coastline; following remote coastal paths and forest trails, and passing through small towns and villages along the way.

When entering you can choose to select an e-bike at an extra charge.

This Camino trail is probably the easiest (which we say loosely) of the three that we have, but a test of will and determination is still required. Plus an incredible and unforgettable personal journey lies ahead of you!


The Camino 100 Autumn Challenge | 100 miles in 5 days! 

The Camino 100 Autumn challenge was our first Camino trail and one of the most popular ancient Camino pilgrimage routes! We would say this is where the majority of people start their addiction to the Camino trails… yes watch out, once you have done one, you will want to do all three.

Start the adventure at our highest point, Mount O'Cebreiro, to our final destination, the famous Santiago de Compostela. The journey will take you up and down hills, through woodland, tiny hamlets, farmhouses and villages... finally reaching The Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela on Day 5. 

This challenge is the second hardest and will test you mentally and physically and really give you a goal to conquer. 


We hope this has explained the differences between our Caminos and helped you decide what suits you best. If you would like to chat with us or even a Walker who has already experienced the adventure, we can arrange this for you, just email us here or call us on 01483 741430.

It's time to make your dream a reality... What are you waiting for, your time is NOW!               


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