Walk the Walk’s Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign is five years old!

Charities across the UK are now regularly featuring men in their awareness campaigns

Every year, around 400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. More than 80 men a year die from the disease.

Since 2017, Walk the Walk have been the UK leaders in raising awareness that Men Get Breast Cancer Too. We look back at everything the MGBCT campaign has achieved so far.

October 2017

  • Walk the Walk recognised that there was very little awareness of male breast cancer and launched its Men Get Breast Cancer Too campaign!
  • Six men diagnosed with breast cancer came together in London
  • This was believed to be the largest gathering to date of men with a breast cancer diagnosis 

Dave Talbot“Most of a man’s breast cancer journey is a solo route. It’s been great to meet others who’ve had the same experience”  

Walk the Walk Founder and Chief Executive Nina Barough: “Hopefully, through the courage shown by the guys who've all had breast cancer, this is the first step towards making a difference for men."

February 2018

  • Walk the Walk created a “blue bra” t-shirt, which is now sent to all men taking part in the charity’s MoonWalks

Giles Cooper: “The blue bra t-shirts are a fantastically poignant symbol that men can get breast cancer too!”

November 2019

The poster has since been printed out and put up across the country – in prisons, police stations, hospitals, doctors surgeries, chemists, universities, TV stations and coffee shops – as well as being shared digitally.

September 2020

  • Walk the Walk brought together a group of 11 cancer charities, in a collaboration to give men an even louder voice.

Judi Rhys, Chief Executive, Tenovus Cancer Care: “We are delighted to be working with Walk the Walk and others across the UK – not least a wonderful and pioneering group of men – to get the word out to save men’s lives”.

October 2020

  • Walk the Walk co-founded the new monthly Men’s VMU, a monthly virtual meet-up for men with a history of breast cancer diagnosis.

Gordon Allen: “The Men’s VMU has been really useful in terms of sharing experiences. I feel as though I really connect with the other men!” 

June 2021

  • Nine men with a history of breast cancer diagnosis gather in London.

2022 and still going strong...

  • Walk the Walk is now working with a total of 24 men to raise awareness. 
  • Male breast cancer featured in a major story line on BBC soap EastEnders
  • Charities across the UK are now regularly featuring men in their awareness campaigns

But there is still work to be done to ensure that as many men – and women - as possible are aware that #MenGetBreastCancerToo.

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