The Immeasurable and Precious Value of Time

By donating their time, companies can join with their communities, support employee well-being and by uniting together, make a real, meaningful and lasting difference!

As part of best practice in modern business today, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental part of moral business philosophy. Volunteering is a wonderfully powerful example of CSR, highlighting the importance of collectively and contributing positively to society and the world around us. By donating the invaluable resource of time, companies can join with their communities, support employee well-being and by uniting together, make a real, meaningful and lasting difference.

Today’s cost-of-living crisis highlights the significance of time, as being a valuable and limited commodity. In such an overwhelming and challenging climate, it’s become a real factor in navigating the everyday financial pressures we are all collectively facing. Individuals and businesses are now investing their time wisely, finding new ways to cost save, grow their revenue streams and organisation’s skills set.

Volunteering time holds an immeasurable amount of value, offering employees the opportunity to develop a fantastic new range of expertise outside of their day-to-day responsibilities. Companies can build tangible connections within the communities in which they operate; through events, participating in local projects and collaborating with a diverse group of people.

Employees have the chance to grow their individual skills and gain a real sense of fulfilment through personal achievement. By sharing in a valuable and collective action, it can furthermore create a renewed sense of collaboration and camaraderie amongst teams and work colleagues.

Volunteering with Walk the Walk enables you to meet like-minded people who share a common cause, learn new skills and make a real difference to those who are affected by cancer. It is a fun, rewarding and memorable experience and we recruit hundreds of Volunteers every year to make our MoonWalks a safe and entertaining event environment.

Our remarkable and dedicated Volunteer Team make up our amazing overnight powerhouse force to support our Walkers, every step of the way. They form the backbone of the Walk the Walk Team and unite with us in our battle against breast and other cancers; looking after our Walkers at busy crossings, keeping them hydrated and above all giving them the encouragement they need to complete their epic overnight power walking challenge.

John C. Maxwell said “Teamwork makes the dream work”… and that certainly is the case at Walk the Walk! Our events would not be able to go ahead without the support and commitment from our fantastic Volunteers. So why not get your team involved and experience a fun day out whilst benefiting others and helping those living with breast and other cancers. Whether you are a business, charity, community or sports group, Team Volunteering is a fantastic way to give back to your community.

Here at Walk the Walk, Team Volunteering is open to all and we work with a range of corporates and other charities to provide a variety of meaningful Volunteering opportunities at our events. Our Volunteers become the very heart of an incredibly rewarding experience, find a huge sense of personal achievement, as well as taking away the invaluable knowledge that they are making a significant and important difference.

Perhaps you are a business working towards your B Corp Certification, or need to find important and impactful Volunteering opportunities for your team to satisfy your CSR objectives? Talk to us! By Volunteering for Walk the Walk we can help you achieve your goals.

So what are you waiting for…contact the Walk the Walk Volunteer Team at or call on 01483 741430 to discuss the opportunities we have available. Help Walk the Walk navigate a path towards prevention against cancer, towards helping those being diagnosed every day with the emotional and physical challenges of cancer, and to do what we can towards achieving better outcomes and earlier diagnosis.

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