A kind word about our incredible MoonWalk Scotland Volunteers!

Have a read of some of the wonderful things our Walkers have shared with us about our MoonWalk Scotland Volunteers!

Volunteering Is Priceless ❤

Volunteering at the MoonWalk Scotland is vital! Simply put.. without our incredible team of hundreds of Volunteers, we would not be able to run our fabulous event! Our dedicated and remarkable Volunteer Team make up our amazing overnight powerhouse of a workforce to support our Walkers, every step of the way. From their very first arrival at Dynamic Earth to their last and no doubt aching step over the finish line, our Volunteers bring wonderful smiles and encouragement to everyone they see!

Time and time again we are overwhelmed and really grateful for the incredible support we receive from so many people from all over the country. Selfless individuals dedicating their time and efforts to help others taking on their epic overnight challenge, uniting together and raising funds to help those living with breast and other cancers.

But hey, don’t take our word for it! Just listen to what some our lovely Walkers have to say about our fabulous Volunteers. Hear first-hand the incredible impact they’ve made on those taking part in the MoonWalk. We could not be prouder!

The Volunteers were simply amazing! Well done to you all. You will never know how much that small bit of encouragement means and how much it pushes you forward, thank you. Total legends! 

Huge thank you to all of the Volunteers who kept us safe throughout the night, cheered us on and provided much needed toilet stops and refreshments! My very first MoonWalk and I loved it.


What a super night! Only made possible by the amazing Walk the Walk team, endless Volunteers and of course our fellow Walkers. Hope to see some of you again next year!


It just has to be the best event ever! The WTW Team and Volunteers care so much about the Walkers. Thanks to everyone for putting on such a fantastic night/morning. May the fundraising money come rolling in!


A Massive thank you to all of the Volunteers, Bikers, MoonWalk crew and those that provided refreshments to us from their gardens! Us Walkers couldn't do it without you all. What a fantastic night as always!


A huge well done to everyone that took part. The Volunteers were fantastic and got me through some really tough times. YOU ARE AWESOME!


Great night and I can’t thank the Cycling and Motorbike Volunteers enough for lighting our way in the really dark bits! I loved every second, thank YOU!


Thank you so much to all the Volunteers - they kept us going the entire 26.2 miles - with jelly babies, music and their motivational words and positivity. What a difference you made 😊  


Whether you are new to us, an ex-Walker or a seasoned Volunteer, we would love you to join us in our fight against breast and other cancers. Our amazing Volunteers form the backbone of the Walk the Walk Team, supporting Walkers through the depths of the night. With so many different roles available and ways to get involved, there is something for everyone.

We NEED YOU so please, come and be a part of our cause today - Just click HERE!


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