So why do we wear bras at all of our challenges?

We don’t mean wearing your bra over your T-shirt (not a good look and very uncomfortable), no, we mean wearing your bra in all its splendid glory... technicolour splendour, adorned with feathers and flowers, sequins and stars. and that goes for the men too!

Perhaps it’s because walking out in our bras is not really what one ought to be doing... well here are a few more very good reasons...

The Walk the Walk unique trademark

For every Walk the Walk challenge that you join, we will send you a bra to decorate. So whether you are taking part in The MoonWalk London or The Inca Trail Peru, or whether you’re 13 or 85, you will know you are in the like-minded company of women and men who are prepared to take on a walking challenge in a bra!

It takes courage!

Many of the ladies that Walk the Walk would not think about wearing a bikini on the beach let alone a bra in the street, not to mention those that have prosthesis or reconstruction. However, it’s all part of the challenge and with some creative decorating ideas, I have seen even the most reticent ladies rise to the occasion. After all, we have all had the feeling of arriving at a fancy dress party when we couldn’t be bothered to dress up... not fun! If you are having doubts, I suggest you concentrate on your walking and in your final pack, you will receive lots of ideas on decorating your bra and how to cleverly conceal the bits you would rather not show... all is possible and who knows, you may just surprise yourself!

Raising awareness

If you have ever seen a group of 20 women and men, let alone thousands pounding down the street in their bras, you will know the true meaning of raising awareness!

Oh and by the way boys!

Don’t think that you get away with a T-shirt. Boys at Walk the Walk also wear bras, and very handsomely I might add. You have the added bonus of being able to use the cups as pockets for all essentials, so there is no excuse!  

Check your chests!

Thanks to growing awareness, many women are now checking their breasts, seeking treatment sooner, and more are surviving breast cancer. Men get breast cancer too, but we know that many women and particularly men are still not making regular checks, so read on and start today!


Above all, no matter what your age, male or female, it’s about Raising money, Raising awareness, Getting fit and Having FUN!

Just in case you didn’t know, this FUN has now raised over £139 million... who would have thought that wearing a bra could achieve so much!

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