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Walk the Walk is now almost reaching its third decade and during that period, our supporters have helped to raise in excess of £139 million.

We are incredibly proud that over the years this has enabled us to contribute to our three key missions which have always been at the core of Walk the Walk, and none of which could have been achieved without our supporters.

Our first mission has always been aimed at supporting all our future health by investing funds into groundbreaking research which has contributed to shaping the way breast cancer is diagnosed, all the way through to treatment.

Our second mission has been to help drive the awareness for the need of integrated care, offering vital emotional and physical support for those on their journey through cancer. This is now considered a valued and an important part of the cancer journey, allowing people to live well during treatment and beyond their cancer diagnosis.

Our third mission is our commitment to encourage women, men and children to consider their lifestyle choices and to realise their own potential for good health and well-being. It is the ethos the charity has been built on, seeing regular walking as the root to good health. When we began, scientists knew that lifestyle had an impact on our health, but they didn’t know to what extent. Research over the past few years is now showing that lifestyle and being active are the most important aspects of prevention, not just for breast, but all cancers. Whilst it is by no means a guarantee, the thought of actually preventing breast cancer in the first place, has to be something we all want to aim for.

Cancer statistics speak for themselves*;

  • 1 in 2 people will experience cancer in their lifetime
  • 55 thousand women and approximately 400 men are diagnosed each year with breast cancer
  • Around 40% of cancers could be avoided with lifestyle changes
  • 27% of breast cancers could be avoided with changes to lifestyle
  • 7%  just by being more active

*World Cancer Research Fund

Walk the Walk

Whilst we may feel that the pandemic is in the past, the impact has, and still does have a far reaching effect on all organisations as well as Walk the Walk.

Over the past three years, whilst our funds have been limited, we have continued to invest what we could into areas that really needed our help, and for those living with cancer. Taking treatments to patients in a challenging time by supporting a mobile lymphoeodema treatment bus; much-needed online services at a time when it was not possible to have face-to-face sessions; helping to get much needed face to face counselling available again for those that need it – these are just some of the ways in which we have helped through this challenging time, as well as through our own projects.

Over this time, Walk the Walk has been greatly encouraged to see the public beginning to realise the multiple rewards and benefits of Walking. The impact that taking a few steps can have both mentally and physically on overall health and well-being is quite profound, let alone on those being treated for cancer. The MAD2 walking plan was created during these difficult times and continues to encourage and guide people in how to take those all-important first steps.

Meanwhile, our campaign that ‘Men  Get Breast Cancer Too’, was a huge success in raising nationwide awareness. However, it also bought together a collaboration of support charities, who have now thankfully taken up the baton and recognised that whilst the incidence of breast cancer in men is far less than for women, the needs for men must be, and are acknowledged.

Our new campaign has now progressed, showing that ‘Anyone Can Get Breast Cancer’ re-affirming how regular checking is vital for everyone and that early diagnosis and treatment can support a better outcome. 

Whilst we will continue with our own projects, we are delighted that £1 million has been released in 2023 for grants and we look forward to sharing how these funds will be used.

Finally whilst Walk the Walk is currently not investing in research, the rush to develop a vaccine for Covid could evidently turn out to have a positive step. Scientists may have fast forwarded the research towards a cancer vaccine many years earlier than expected, we can only hope!

How does Walk the Walk raise funds

There are a number of ways in which anyone can support Walk the Walk.  As specialists in Walking and the associated health benefits it can give, we create sponsored Walking challenges of all distances and for all abilities. Whether it is for someone stepping out for the first time and aiming for 5K, or an ardent walker looking for a marathon or an ultra-challenge of 100 miles. Our aim is always to support and encourage everyone to become more active, a little fitter and no matter at what level they begin, to help them reach the Finish Line!

The MoonWalk London is our Flagship event, with similar challenges taking place in Scotland and Iceland, each one a unique experience. We also create treks and challenges in other parts of the world, as well as taking part in classic Marathons and challenges, both at home and in other countries.

But you don’t have to take on a challenge to support us, you can just make a donation for which we are always very grateful, Volunteers are invaluable to Walk the Walk and always very welcome, both helping out in the office, and at our MoonWalks.

You can sign up for monthly giving by making a donation each month no matter how small, it allows us the confidence to count on you. Or you could even give a lasting gift, by including us in your will.

We are always looking for charity partnerships with companies that support and reflect our ethos... Whichever way suits you, we could not do any of the wonderful things we have done, without the help of our supporters.

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There are a number of ways in which you can support Walk the Walk...